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Satori | Who is in?

The quest for Who is in? and Who am I? is as old as humanity

The quest for Who is in? and Who am I? is as old as humanity

It leads straight to the possibility to become conscious of yourself.

These questions are the core questions of every human being – no matter if man or woman, young or old, stupid or clever, seeker or businessman.

All other questions used in the Awareness Intensive Retreat are aspects of these 2 master key questions – such as: What is life, love, freedom, consciousness, another, sexuality, truth, relaxation? – to name a few.

No knowledge nor intellectual answers will help. You need to go into these questions and experience them directly through your senses in each given moment and embody them.

Relaxation, trust, love, openness for oneself and others, compassion and joy de vivre will grow alongside the experience of being grounded in the oneness of life and existence.

By combining the ancient technique of working in silence with a Koan facing the wall with the modern technique of structured communication facing a partner a powerful tool for self-exploration has been created.

Opening up in the presence of another melts away layers of protectedness and intensifies the incentive to inquire into who you truly are; the never ending mystery.

Duration: 3-14 days – for dates check calendar.

What can you get out of it?

Apart from the obvious benefits of being in the moment, there are many other jewels hidden in this process such as:

As you move inside, the connection to your resources gets strengthenend. You experience an infinite pool of creativity and Being. You gain courage to live life and your potential more fully.

Awareness Intensive Training 2024/25

with Ganga, Pramod & Vardha

The Training is for everybody who has taken part in Awareness Intensives Retreats (Who is in? or Satori) and wants to deepen their understanding of themselves and the process. You will acquire the tools to facilitate Who Is In? and you will learn a lot about communicating in a more aware, mature, and spontaneous way.

Awareness Intensive Training